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We develop therapeutic touch protocol that works on soft tissue muscle with goal of reducing, tightness & spasm pain or other related symptoms for a condition. Physical Restorative Therapy differs from other forms of massage that focuses on relaxation and comfort.

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Memoire dAngkor Spa

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With advanced physical restoration techniques, we aimed to fix the mechanical failure that causes you to experience pain. Whether it is joint pain, excessive muscle tension, muscle strain & pain, decreased or inefficient mobility, headaches, or any other symptom, we analyze and treat the body based on why the dysfunction is caused.

  • Energetic Detoxifying drink
  • 90min Restorative yoga, Asana direct link to the spinal column
  • 20min Relaxation in the Steam/Sauna/Hot & Cold Jacuzzi with Energetic Detox drink
  • 90min Therapeutic myofascial Release with Herbal linen infusion
  • 60min Warm Stone Relaxing Massage
  • Rejuvenating smoothies drink.
  • 15mn Anti Stress Salt Bath (before bedtime)
  • Energetic Detoxifying drink (bedtime)

Relaxing Swedish Massage infuse with Stretching; Myofascial Release works on the muscles and fascia of your body, giving fundamental, long-lasting benefits. Shoulder tender result from tissue restriction include muscle, tendons, and ligaments within these structure; pinch nerve or abnormal condition involving spinal cord and abdominal organ also can cause neck and shoulder spasm and pain.

Relaxing Swedish Massage infuse with Stretching, Myofascial Release to alleviate the tender stress & spasm pain. Too much sitting that cause tight hip, muscle weak, irritated and spasm, even lead to sacroiliac joint dysfunction as a source of lower back pain and become spasm pain radiate down to leg.

This work only if you have no tears or serve damage to knee joint. Knee pain caused by many variations of mechanical symptom: meniscal tear, patellar, MCL tear, bow knee, valgus knock knee or other incorrect biomechanics of the feet causes rapid degeneration of the knee and hips. Our manual therapy able to fix your knee pain opposite side by alleviate tight & tenderness in the tendon, lateral knee ligament, quadriceps muscle, IT band and knee cap.