Artwork from one of the best

Most of the interior design and artwork here at Memoire Palace Resort & Spa is coming from a well known artist by the name of Lim Muy Theam - his friends simply call him Theam. Theam’s desire to share his fantastic artistic and technical knowledge prompted him to set out on a mission to learn more about Cambodia, Khmer art and local culture in order to research the country’s rich artistic heritage. In his early years he trawled through temples and pagodas around the country and studied whatever artwork and artifacts he could get his hands on. Now his expertise is on hand to give the guests of Memoire Palace Resort & Spa an insight into a distinctive world of art. You can also visit Theam's House where you can experience the making of his art pieces first hand – may it be painting, sculpting, or lacquer ware. For more than 20 years Theam is helping to revive the Cambodian craft sector, he has launched a new art project that includes training a team of protégé artisans’ apprentices while he embarks on a new creative journey to create the next level of Cambodian art. If you stay with us, please feel free to as for a guided show-around and we will introduce you to Theam's fantastic artworks.