Memoire Palace Resort & Spa is proud to announce that we have just been granted our TEDx license for this year.  For many, landing a TEDx talk license is the ultimate PR win, but it is much more than just PR and Marketing - its a way to engage with communities and people. As its popularity and platform have grown, so have the brains and minds that present their ideas on an international stage before an audience of potentially millions. But TEDx isn’t just for A-list speakers with tons of followers. In fact, many of the most popular talks were delivered by people who were relatively unknown before their talks went viral. Artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, political theorists, psychologists, advocates, stylists, doctors, archaeologists, managers, policy experts—people who don’t have household names—jump on the stage at self-organized TEDx events to do just as the organization asks:  share great ideas with one another. These people also do another important thing when they step on that stage: They begin to build their personal brand and they share ideas that matter! While TEDx is most well-known for its compelling, provocative and straight forward content, it’s also known for its popularity among aspiring thought leaders looking to raise their visibility and reach. The staggering number of people engaging with TEDx videos and content suggests that TEDx is an incredibly powerful way to build a brand and recognition. If you’re passionate about sharing an idea of your own and are interested in positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry—wherever you are in your career, please contact us on facebook or via email ([email protected]). Spread the word #TEDxSvayDangkum !